Chewing Gum to Prevent Cavities

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Clinical studies have revealed that chewing sugarless gum for over 20 minutes after you eat a meal can help you avoid tooth decay. Make sure to brush your teeth or floss after because chewing a gum is just a substitute.

Here are the three benefits of chewing a gum to prevent the problems in your teeth:

  1. It prevents cavities. Cavities are bacteria that build in our mouth due to food that stuck between the cracks in our teeth. Sugarless gums can give you fresh breath, but it is also a substitute to reduce the cavities. Chewing a gum works by increasing the flow of saliva inside your mouth that washes away the remaining food that left in your mouth and reduces the effect of the acids. The saliva also contains calcium and phosphate that sustains the strength of your enamel. If these cavities left not treated, it would result in tooth loss and broken bones in your teeth.
  2. It Strengthens your Enamel. The importance of enamel helps to protect your teeth from the daily usage such as eating, biting, and crunching. It is also the hard protector of the teeth however it can also loosen; It can chip and crack. Did you know that the fluoride that usually seen in the toothpaste and mouthwash are the primary source to strengthen your teeth? And the good news is the sugarless gum has a similar result like the toothpaste. According to the American Dental Association, when you chew a sugar-free gum sweetened with xylitol, the acids left behind on your teeth from foods and drinks are reduced.
  3. It minimizes the tooth sensitivity.  Sensitivity in your teeth when you drink cold or hot water may be due to tooth decay, worn leaky fillings and broken teeth that expose the dentin of your tooth. After you eat, try to chew a gum to reduce the sensitivity because research has shown that the increase in saliva flow from the act of chewing as a likely cause of this benefit.
    Always keep in mind that it is better to consult with your dentist to make sure that you have healthy teeth and gums.

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