Three Dental Hygiene Tips for a Healthy Smile

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Did you know that your oral cavity has more functions other than smiling, eating and talking? Moreover, the state of your oral health has a connection with your overall health. Not having proper dental hygiene can lead to discolored teeth, broken teeth, gum infection, and other dental problems that negatively impact your self-confidence. This is why it is essential to give high importance to your dental hygiene. Here at Comfort Dental Care & Orthodontics, we offer Dental Hygiene services to keep your smile the healthiest it can be. 

healthy smile

If you want to ensure that your teeth, gums, and overall smile are in their best shape, here are some dental hygiene tips that can help you achieve your goals:

Have a healthy and balanced diet

Choose to eat foods that are beneficial for your body and dental health. Make sure to eat a balanced diet in order for your body to receive the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients daily. Know that nutritional deficiencies can result in bleeding gums and misshapen teeth. You must also ensure that your diet contains the right amount of fluoride—a mineral component of teeth that is important for the remineralization of enamel caries. Remember to avoid sticky and sugary food as well as acidic drinks that can wear off the tooth enamel. 

Use the correct tools when taking care of your teeth

That’s right; you should be careful when picking your toothbrush. If you have gum disease, it is best to choose a brush with soft bristles. Moreover, you can use special orthodontic brushes when you have wires and braces on your teeth. Replace your toothbrush every three months, and don’t be too harsh on your teeth when brushing.

Make sure your dental treatments are on time

A majority of people have fears and anxieties that prevent them from acquiring the treatment they need. There are also others who avoid getting dental treatments because they fear the cost. When in fact, undergoing these preventative checkups cost less than the restorations and treatments of damaged teeth. If your dentist will recommend you to undergo treatment, it is best if you do not delay going through the procedure.

Keep your smile healthy with our Dental Hygiene service in Pensacola, FL. Here at Comfort Dental Care & Orthodontics, you will receive the best care you deserve. We are located at 5710 North Davis Hwy., Suite 1, Pensacola, FL 32503. Please call us if you have any questions!