Why Are Teeth Cleanings Necessary?

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Going to the dental office for a simple cleaning feels like a troublesome task to some people. They even think that these semi-annual visits would become easier as they grow older; sadly, that is not always the case. Fortunately, the majority of adults recognize that visiting the dentist regularly is necessary to maintain a healthy and captivating smile. 

To emphasize the importance of teeth cleanings, we at Comfort Dental Care & Orthodontics have prepared a list everyone should consider.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning…

Prevent tooth loss

Gum disease, which is considered as one of the major causes of tooth loss, starts with plaque buildup on the teeth. As gum disease worsens, plaque moves further into the teeth and gum line. This occurrence can destroy the bone in the jaw—causing the teeth to become loose and fall out. The chances of tooth loss due to gum disease can be significantly reduced by observing regular teeth cleanings and good dental habits at home.

Serve as a defense against cavities

Plaque is an acidic substance that accumulates on the teeth and gradually eats away the enamel. If left unattended, this buildup can lead to the formation of cavities. Fortunately, plaque can easily be removed by brushing, flossing, and more effectively with the help of regular teeth cleanings.

Proven to boost overall health

Studies have shown that there is a link between oral health and overall health. Fortunately, the risk of heart disease and diabetes can be lowered with regular teeth cleanings. Aside from this, some medical conditions may be detected by the dentist during these visits as well.

Help reduce bad breath

In order to keep bad breath away, maintaining good oral hygiene is necessary. Aside from brushing and flossing the teeth regularly, undergoing teeth cleaning procedure is an excellent way to keep a healthy and odor-free mouth.

Results in a bright-looking smile

Some food and drinks are capable of staining the teeth. With the help of regular teeth cleaning, the built-up stains from these foods will be eliminated. The result? Freshly polished teeth for a whiter, brighter smile.

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