Digital X-Rays: A Revelation

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Digital X-Ray has helped dentists practice their craft with precision and ease. Modern technology has significantly improved the range of services that dentists can offer. There is less hassle when it comes to providing treatment, and less pain is associated with it as well. Dental technology has improved so much compared to old fashioned dentistry that a safer and more efficient way of taking dental X-ray has been developed. 

Dental X-Rays

What is Digital X-Ray?

Digital X-Rays allow a sensor to be put inside the mouth to capture the image of a person’s teeth. The digital sensor is connected to a computer, and once the x-ray is taken, the image can be readily viewed on the computer screen.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Compared to traditional x-rays, here are some of the benefits that digital radiography has to offer: 

Digital X-Rays have less radiation compared to traditional dental x-rays. The apparatus used for this procedure has been reported to cut radiation levels by up to 90 percent. 

Digital X-Rays save time. With this procedure, there is no need to wait for a film to be developed. Once the sensor is inside the mouth, the image will be generated immediately and projected on a computer screen. 

Digital dental images can be transferred and stored easily. It is easy for dental health professionals to check the image for review because it can be sent via email. This makes it easier to get second opinions from other dentists. The images can be stored electronically in patient records.

Digital X-Rays produce higher quality images compared to traditional x-rays. Other than being clear, these images can be magnified for better viewing of the teeth. The dentist can adjust options such as brightness, color, and contrast. This makes finding cavities and other dental problems easier with this available feature. 

Digital X-Rays are environment-friendly. This type of x-ray is environmentally friendly because it does not need all those chemicals used to develop the film. There is no need to waste space for a darkroom and store films which helps clear up the dentist’s storage. 

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