First Dental Visit in Santa Rosa Beach, FL: How to Prepare Your Child

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For the first time and upcoming parents, they want to be fully prepared for the overall wellness of their children. They should remember that it is not all about having a room, bed, baby foods, and other supplies but it’s also about having good oral health. Although newborns do not have teeth yet, dental hygiene should already start. Parents are advised to use moist cloth or gauze pad to clean and massage their gums.

They should know that the 20 primary teeth are already present under the gums even before the child is born. Any complications that develop during this period can affect its eruption even with the permanent teeth. It is wise for every parent to know everything about the oral health care of children.

At Comfort Dental Care & Orthodontics, we are dedicated to helping our patients at any age and in any way possible. And to assist every parent about proper oral health care, we want to share the things they should do before, during, and after their child’s first ever dental visit.

But first things first, parents should remember that the best time to bring their children for the first dental visit is when the first tooth erupts and no later than their first birthday. Dental associations and every dentist highly recommends this as the best time for a child to receive dental care.


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How to prepare children for their first dental visit?

Talk to them

Educate them by explaining each part of the body including the teeth, tongue, and gums. Reading some books and letting them watch educational videos about oral health can help them understand the importance of oral health. Role-playing can also make them look forward to future dental visits since they already know what to expect.

Prepare records

Their medical history and any medications can help dentist evaluate the child condition and what to avoid before providing prescriptions. These records are essential to prevent any complications from happening.

Prepare questions

As a parent, the oral health care of a child is slightly different on how adults do their own. Writing down all the questions you have on how to do things properly can help.

Schedule a mock dental visit

Letting them meet the team who will work with them like the staff, hygienist, and dentist before the actual appointment can make them feel at ease. It helps them think that any future visits will go smoothly. And with the advancements in dental technology, it can be made possible.

To know more, seek the assistance of our dentist at Comfort Dental Care & Orthodontics for we are always ready to assist our patients in any way we can.

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